Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cant blog!

Hey I wont be able to blog until I get a new cord for my computer! My dog chewed through it! So hopefuly I will be able to get one later this week! See you when I get a new one!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catch up

So on this blog I will just try and catch you up to every thing that has happened since I last wrote. I will post pictures at a later date!

June 13th- My cousin Aaron got married to the girl of his dreams in the Logan LDS temple.

June 14th- My cousin Ryan got married to his dream girl in the Mt Timpanogas Temple.

June 17th- Found out I was PG!!! The baby is due Feb 4th. I am praying its a girl my husband is praying its a boy, So I told him to start praying for twins!

June 19th- We closed on our house!

June 20th- We moved! That was an Adventure all in it self.But we had lots of help from family and ward members. Thanks to all who helped!

June 22nd- Jeremy started at his new walmart job.

June 25th- Went up to Idaho for my last scrapbook conference!! I am going to miss that every year!

June 28th- Came back home.

July 4th- Went up to the Murray parade for my brother Travis, and his kids were in the prade. They drove the RcWillys truck.

July 5th- Was our first sunday in our new ward. Man it is so diffrent! They just split our ward, yet we still have our whole chaple full plus our whole cutral hall full! We have three primarys and three nursuerys! Ashley has 20 plus kids in her class.

July 8th- We expanded the family!. We went over to visit our dog Peanut, and our realtor said that she was ready to go home! So we loaded her up, headed straight over to pets mart and bought her all the things she needs. She has been a great blessing in our lives, but she has also brought with it a TON of stress. But we defiantly think she is worth it.

July 10th- Went to bed for a nap woke up with an ear infection.

July 14th- My eardrum exploded. In a TON of pain.

So that is pretty much everything that has been going on

I will tell you real qick about a couple of our neighbors.
Our first neighbor who lives across the street (she is the nice neighbor who is letting us hook up on her wireless internet!) She is fixing my computer so that it will run faster. She is really nice. She is a single mom who has three kids. Her youngest is just older then Ashley. Thouse two girls have become really good friends, Ashley constantly wants to go over to her house to play,and they are always over here to play witht the puppy.

Our other neighbor lives two houses down from us. She came over and introduced her self. She has two kids a girl and a boy, 10 and 8 I think. She was like, oh if you ever need a cup of surger or any thing come on down. Then we got to talking, and some how things came up that I am a stay at home mom with no car. So then she said "Oh well if you ever want to get out of the house or have to go to the store, Come on over and barrow our car!!" Hows that for a nice neighbor!?

I will post pictures later, and now that I have access to the internet again I will keep you up dated!