Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 new posts!!!

There are 10 new posts!!! Feel free to check them out! I am sorry I know they are out of order but it is what it is! Sorry about it!!

Hope you have fun reading the posts!

Happy New Years!

For new years eve we went to my sisters house to ring in the new years! We had a blast, I took the camera to take pics but I ran out of batteries! So sorry no pics! But we did have a blast!!

Casaya's Birthday

Casaya with her cake, this was right before her Birthday bath She started getting tired before she finsihed her cake.
I love this pic, you can see her handprint on the side of her face.
Her first tastes of her Birthday cake.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASAYA!!! Mommy and Daddy love you!!
Casaya opening her baby doll
Casaya with her pillow pet.
Casaya opening her favorite present! She could play with it for hours!!!


Ashley with her stuff that Santa gave her.
Casaya has no idea whats going on or why she had to wake up.
This is the stocking that Santa gave Jeremy, he gave me one also but he forgot to take a pic of it.
Casayas stocking from Santa.
Peanuts stocking from Santa.
Ashleys stocking from Santa.

We had a great Christmas. It was so much fun!
We woke up and opened the presents at our house. Some of the things I got was:
- a cd/radio player
- the back up plan movie
Afterwords we headed to my moms house to have lunch and open presents there. Some of my favorite things I got was:
- A big thing of scrapbook paper
- and MY BOSH MIXER!!!!!
After my moms house we went to Jeremy parents house to have dinner and to spend some time with his sister who was in town for the holidays.

Like I said we had a very busy day but it was so much fun!

I know its late, but.....



Some cute pics of Peanut playing in the snow after one of our big snow storms. She is such a cute dog! I love her so much!!!

Ashleys Birthday Party

Hannah gave Ashley princess fingernail polish.
One of Ashleys best buds Z gave her a Strawberry shortcake polly pocket
Sade gave Ashley a sleeping beauty barbie
Ashley had her very first friends birthday party. It was fun, She was so greatful for her friends who did show up! Ashley had so much fun! I have no idea how but some how we did not get a pic of the cake or the decorations (I swear I took pics of them!!) Thank you guys for showing up to Ashleys birthday party!

Jeremys Birthday Party

Jeremys co workers took us out to eat at Texas Road House for his birthday! (that is my favorite place in the whole world!) So we had them sing Happy Birthday to Jeremy and when they did he had to sit on the saddle!! I know its not the best pic of him but hey at least we have a pic!

This is what Jeremy and I had to eat, well Jeremys stake did not have onions on it.
Jeremy and his dinner
Opening his presents

Some of Jeremy co workers, the lady on the far right in the red sweater, her name is Betty, she is the one who put the whole party together! She is one of the coolest co workers he has!
Some more of his coworkers, Lucy and her husband,

Jeremy and one of his co workers and his ex coworker. Very fun group to hang out with! All togehter there was about 20 of us there!

Tripple Birthday Bash

(Sorry these are not in order to tired to try and put them in the right order) Casaya decided she had enough partying and passed out.
Ashley and Casaya both opening their presents.
Casayas first taste of Birthday Cake.
This was my first attemted at making a cute cake. It is supposed to be a LadyBug. But I had no red frosting or black frosting so I had to make a pink lady bug with m and ms for the spots.
Casayas cake is the pink lady bug, Ashleys cake was strawberry with chocolate frosting and Jeremys cake was German chocolate, with the home made frosting! Thank you mommy for making that for Jeremy!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of that day but I was in so much pain I had a hard time even leaving the chair.

Eagle Mountain Tree lighting ceremony.

We went to Eagle Mountain Citys tree lighting ceremony. It was pretty nice, there was the cutest little girl who sang one of the songs from The Poloar Express. She was four and did a great job! Then Ms Eagle Mountain stood up to sing a song (I dont remember which one) and she completly botched it! It was retarded. But Ashley still had a blast. Then after they lit the tress Santa rode in to Eagle Mountain on a fire truck, then all of the kids got to go and sit on Santas lap.
Ashley telling Santa what toys she wants, "Santa, I want toys and a repunzel game"
Casayas first time meeting the jolly old man.

Jeremys and Ashleys present

For Jeremy and Ashleys Birthday, I gave them tickets to go to a Jazz game. It was Ashleys very first game. I thought it would be fun to have the biggest sports fan take his daughter to her very first game., I think he had a great daddy/daughter night!

Ashley when she was telling me about this picture, she said "Mommy I want to be a news dancer" (the nu skin dancers)
Ashley had a blast and she cant wait until she gets to go back to another game!


Sorry we did not get any pics for Thanksgiving. So here are a few cute pics from the Thanksgiving dinner. We had a very good day, we went to my moms house for lunch then we went to Jeremys parents house and had dinner with his family. Very busy day and very fun!