Friday, February 26, 2010

Up date

We got the girls pictures taken from a lady named Cristy Rossi, We love these photos!!! She did such a great job with both girls! It was cool we went to her house and she had a whole bunch of dresses and bows and props for the girls! We had so much fun with them!

Here is a quick up date!

Casaya has her first ear infection! She has been up screaming since about 6 this morning! We went to the drs but because she is so small he could not see inside her ears so he does not know if she has a ear infection, but she cant eat, sleep suck on a pacie or lay down. And if we even get close to her ear she flips out! So we are pretty sure she has an ear infection! Stupid Dr!

Our computer got a really nasty virus! So thank heavens for my neighbor who is willing to take the time to clean up the computer for us! Also thanks to the same neighbor who took us in to the dr!

Jeremy is still working a ton! But we are very greatful that he is willing to work so hard so that I can stay at home with the kids!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I finally got to go and see New Moon! Jeremy promised to take me to see it when it came out, but that never happened he worked to much and then the baby came. So my sister and I finally got to see it!!

Saturday my neighbor and I will be going to the chocolate thingy at thanksgiving point. We will be having a girls night out! Which will be the best for me cause ever since I had Casaya I have been craving chocolate like CRAZY!!!

Ashley has gone backwards in potty training! She is now afraid of the toilet!!! She keeps on trying to tell me that it is going to eat her! Poor girl, but I have got to get her trained! It is so nasty changing her diapers!

My brother Trevor just celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!

My brother and sister in law are going to be celebrating their birthdays tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIEMARIE AND KERRY!!!

My mother will be celebrating her birthday in six days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!

Jeremy works 18 hours today! So I am missing him like crazy!! I cant wait until he gets to be home! Jeremy gets to go to a BYU game next sat. After the game he will go out to eat with his dad and one of the players! He is so excited!!

So that is the up dates on the Foys!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nothing much, just ramblings!

There is not a whole lot going on lately we got Ashley back last night from my grandparents. She is having a hard time adjusting to being back home and having rules again. She liked having the freedom of being able to do what ever she wants, when ever she wanted to do it! Hopefully soon she will get used to being at home again. I am very grateful to every one who helped take care of Ashley while Casaya was in the hospital.

So I am just watching the super bowel at my moms house. Normally we are at Jeremys moms house watching the game, but this year she is sick with Bronchitis,(thanks Ashley for sharing your germs with Grandma!) So Jeremy is at his parents house watching the game with some of his best friends and his dad, while Ashley Casaya and I are at my moms house, far away from the germs! We are just watching the Superbowl now wondering why we are not crashing my uncles Superbowl party. He has one every year and I have never been invited! Hopefully one of these years we will be invited! I do have to say I dont like the commercials for the super bowl yet but it really does not help the game has been on for like ten minutes so far. I just hope we get some good ones this year!

I am looking at one of my favorite scenes ever! Ashley is reading Casaya a story, and Casaya is just sitting there with great big bug eyes, wondering what in the world her sister is talking about!

My head is killing me! I still have a lot of problems with my blood pressure. And I have not been able to get it under control. So I get these horrible head aches when my blood pressure spikes. I start seeing dots and some times my head will kill me so bad I feel like throwing up! When I get these headaches there is nothing we can do but let it run its course!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Up dates any one?

Casaya- On Friday Casaya was starting to go blue around her mouth, she was not eating and she was acting like she was in pain. I called her dr she told me to bring her in so I did. He looked at her and told us that we needed to take her to Primary Children s Medical Hospital. So we took her there and waited around for seven hours in the emergency room while they ran tests. They decided they wanted to admit her for dehydration and to keep an eye on her oxygen. She was on moniters the whole time. She had a few coughing fits and forgot to breath a few times, she did lose weight while she was in the hospital which is one reason why they kept her there for four days. They would not release her until she proved that she could gain weight. Today she finally did! And they said that she could come home!!!!

Peanut- Is at our neighbors house, hopefully not tearing the house apart!

Ashley- Has a bad cold. It started out with a runny nose then a stuff nose and then it developed into a cough. We were going through every thing with Casaya, that we did not pay much attention to her cough. Well luckily my mom was watching Ashley for the weekend while we were taking care of Casaya. Ashley ended up coughing so bad that my mom took her into the insta care. It turned out she did not just have a bad cold, she has Bronchitis (or however you spell it) So they were able to get her some meds, and now she sounds 110% better then she did. Still has a small cough but she is no longer contagious. My grandparents offered to watch her for the week. So right now she is up in Pocatello with Great Grandma and Grandpa! She is having a blast!

Bonnie- Sat at the hospital for the past four days. Want to hear a funny story about Bonnie? Well here it goes! We were getting ready to leave the hospital and got every thing gathered up. We got home and I was trying to find my phone, and it was no where to be seen! I called it and could not hear it. So I then started panicking that I left my phone at the hospital. I then called the hospital to notify them that I left it there. They went to the room to look for it and could not find it then I really started to get scared. So I kept on calling and calling my phone over and over until some one picked up. Luckily I did that for my phone was in the bottom of the laundry basket! And because I kept on calling it they were able to hear it and fish it out before they washed all the clothes!

Jeremy- Still working 18 hours a day and is very stressed about money, and being able to pay the hospital bills we just got. But he is the only one out of the four of us who has not gotten sick!!! Lucky duck!

So that is the up of our family! Hope you enjoyed our family up date!