Saturday, September 18, 2010

Updates by photos

I am posting photos of what we have been up to lately. They are backwords and out of order, sorry I am not sure how to fix that. I click on them to up load and then blogger puts them in backwards, not sure how not to have them do that. Oh well So here it is!

Casaya at the fair, she loved to watch all the people walking by, never heard a peep out of her the whole time we were there.
Ashley rode the ponys again this year. She LOVES to ride the horses! I think she will be my little rodeo queen!

We told Ashley we were going to see baby pigs and she wanted to take them home with her until after we got by them she looked in and she goes "Mommy they are way to stinky to take home"

Ashley went to the little farm at the fair, She loved riding the bike traktor. She got on and said I know how to ride this.
Ashley, Casaya, and I at the fair.
We saw the cutest little seal there. I love seals, I wish we were there during the show but we just missed two of them they had one right before we got there and the other just as we were leaving so unfortunatly we did not get to stay and watch!
We went to Bear lake for Labor day weekend. Please remember that the pictures are backward and out of order!

My grandparents have been together for 57 years now and they still love each other just as much if not more!

This is Kathy, she is my adopted aunt! She is one of the coolest people to talk to. I wish she and and aunt Susan lived closer to us so we could see them more then once a year!
My aunt Janette insited that they get a picture of all of her family while every one is in town. So here is my grandparents and their 8 kids. From left to right, or youngest to oldest: David, Daren Shelly, Sheri, Grandpa, Grandma, Janette, Gina, Diane(my mom), and Susan.
Casaya chillen on my mom while they were watching the pavers get put down.
Tim was a maniac! He carried 10 or 12 of these at once! Wow, he maybe skiny but he is strong!
Grandma and Grandpa laying the first paver.

My relatives smoothing down the sand before we put down the pavers.

The pile of sand
8 tons of paver! My grandpa was going to have my cousin Ryan bring them up to the cabin but my grandpa did not realize that for all the pavers it was going to be 8 tons of them!
Casaya fell asleep after eating one night! So cute!
Jeremy and Casaya chillen at THE PIE
We went to THE PIE for my fathers birthday party.
When ever Casaya eats she ends up wearing more of it then she eats, she does not like baby food at all so it is a huge tug of war to get her to eat it!
Casaya loves sleeping next to her bunny!

Sorry it took me so long to post what we have been up to, but unfortunatly I have not had a whole lot of time. Having two kids will do that to you! I hope all is well with you out there! Will try to do a better job of keeping you updated!

Saturday, September 11, 2010