Monday, August 22, 2011

One of my Heros! Joshua Foy!

Josh, Diana, Anthony, and Logan!
Josh's retirement cake! I love looking at the pic in the back ground! How much he has changed and how much he has staid the same!

Josh posing with one of his gifts one of his Navy friends gave him.

Josh and his commander (I think)

Josh retired from the Navy after 20 years of hard work and service! I am so proud of him! Even though I did not know him for the first 12 years in was in the Navy, I am still very proud of him. I look up to him. Its amazing the love he has for his country! I am also very happy for his wife Diana and their sons! It will be so nice for them to have their husband/father, all of the time!

Thank you Josh for your service! I cant tell you how much it means to me that you were willing to go out and protect our country and all of the people in it! I am so glad to have you guys home now! I hope to hear for years to come about your different adventures while serving in the Navy! I LOVE YOU JOSH! Thank you once again!

Jeremy went to Spain to see Josh retire from the Navy. This is just a few pics but later I will let Jeremy do his very first blog about Spain and what he saw and his experiences!


This is the newest member of the Foy family! Her name is Chena! She is a pure breed American Eskimo. She is also a service dog. She is afraid of every thing! But the thing she does the best is cuddle! Her name came from a place in Alaska (where she was born) called Chena Hot Springs in Fairbanks Alaska. The night she was born there was the northern lights, so they decided to call her after the place where you could see the northern lights the best!
I love how it looks like she is always smiling!

Splash Pad

My beautiful Sister in law Diana! I am so happy to have them back in town! I am so glad that they get to stay forever!

Jeremy and Ashley racing to the splash pad

Ash having a blast!

Anthony and Casaya having a blast!

Daddy trying to warm up his girls!

24th of July parade!

Close up of the pic below! The ant is carrying the marshmallow!
More detail work done on the float!
Some of the detail work on the float done by my old stake!
My old stake made this float! I love it! It was so cool! (and no I am not just saying that for it was my old stake that made it, I really truly do think that it was the best one in the parade! I liked it before I even knew it way done by my old stake)
Ash loved that the bear was riding a bike!

Ashleys favorite float in the Parade! She came over crying to me after and I could not figure out why. Once I got her to stop crying she told me " Ariel did not wave to me!" Poor little Ash!
I wish he would have been on our side of the car so I could get a better pic of him! But it was so cool to see him and his wife at the parade! (It was so cool to see how much security that was around him and the armored car!)
I love this! the Missionary's at the parade! There was a protester later on in the parade, we saw him making a big fuss and being noisy. Then next thing we knew he was quietly talking to the missionary. The after he talked to them he took down his sign and left!
Went to the parade with my in laws! We had such a blast!
My Sister in law Diana. She loves bees and so she wanted her pic takin by this bee hive!
Casaya refused to go to sleep! She was up for almost 18 hours! She did not want to sleep through the night while we were waiting on the street for the parade to start. I had to go and grab something out of our bag, so I put her on the chair. When I turn around not even a minute later this is what I found! Poor girl!

Casaya sleeping! (finally!)
Ashley sleeping! I was just uploading these pics I did not relize they both slept the same way until now! HEHE funny little girls!
Ashley and Casaya trying to sleep before the parade started!

Ashley and Casaya right before the parade started!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Helping Grandma Diane

Casaya even got to help paint Grandma Dianes house!
Ashley waiting for her next assignment of what she can paint!
Ashley painting her first house! She is growing up so fast!

Liberty Park

Casaya not sure yet about this water!

Casaya, Daddy and Ashley trying to warm up after a day of playing in the rivers at Liberty Park

Casaya decided that this was all right!

Ashley loved the water!

See the size of this watermelon? Casaya ate 4 of them!!! She absolutely LOVES watermelon!

Jeremy enjoying the Koi fish! He really wants a Koi pond, one of these years I might break down and build him one!

Casaya and Ashley having a blast!

A family that plays together stays together!

Grandpa, Jeremy and Ashley playing crack the egg!

Casaya after playing hard on the trampoline!

Casaya trying to figure out how to walk on the tramp!

Ashley waiting for her turn!

Grandpa helping Casaya bounce!

Ash having fun!

Father and son! 34 years later and they still like to hang out and play together!

Casayas first day of Nursery!

This was Casaya on her first day of Nursery! She would not stand and smile for the camera! So we gave her a piece of bread and at least she sat there for a second so we could snap a photo!
LOVE this pic! Casaya and Ashley getting ready to go to church! I love it for its like Casaya is looking up to her big sister!

Temple Square and family in town

Wish Ash would have done her pretty smile, but she was in a really weird mood that day.
One of my favorite pics ever! Kerry and Casaya reading an Avon catalog together! Casaya absolutely adores her Uncle Kerry!
A pic of the temple that I took. (this was the view that I had when Jeremy proposed to me!)
Another pic of the temple that I took.
Casaya and Grandpa jumping on the trampoline!