Friday, October 25, 2013

The Foy update

Our computer is busted, so I cant post any pics! (this is a pic I had on my Ipad from when Jeremy and I went to Hawaii, our only pic on the ipad though)

So we are just going to give you a borning up date with words! I know not as fun. But once we get a new computer you guys will have LOTS of pics coming your way!

He is still working at both ZAGG and WALMART. But he is still loving both jobs. Last month he went through some health problems but he is getting them taken care of, and he is going to be stronger then ever! He is still loving having his brother in town! They are right now at the BYU game.

She is still loving being a stay at home mom. She is very busy not only being a mom but being a pta president. (cant wait for the year to be over so I can pass on the torch!) In the midst of being a wife, mother, coffer hair stylest, nurse, pta president, and every thing else she does. She has also been suffering with major headaches. We are not sure what is causing them. But she as had a consistent headache for close to 5 months now. And it is not a little headache either. It gets to the point where she cant see straight and it hurts to hear, when it gets really bad she will start throwing up for she is in so much pain. Bonnie has been on pills for it for a few months now, but they only last a little while before her body gets used to the pills and they stop working then she is right back into pain. But even when the pills are working the headaches are never completely gone, it just makes it more manageable. Bonnie has also been learning how to deal with being lactose intolerant. Something that she has had for years (milk has never felt good on her tummy) but over the past month it has gotten to the point where she can not have any milk products at all with out getting really sick for a couple of days after eating it. So if you have any tips for me of how to live a dairy free life please leave a comment and let me know!

She is still loving first grade! Like last year she is still top of her class in reading. The girl (like her Mommy) is a book worm! I love that she loves to read! She is doing great in Math even though she feels like she is not good at it. She just needs to gain confidence in her math ability s. She still has the kindest and sweetest heart any one can ask for. She is a friend to all. I love that she wants to be every ones friend. She is a great helper to her mommy and daddy, and loves playing with her sisters (most days) Ash has a birthday coming up soon! I think we forgot to tell her she is not allowed to grow up!

She is still going through her growth spurt, and eating us out of house and home! But we love her any ways! She finally figured out how to grow, she grew six sizes in the past few months! She also had phanamonia about a month and a half ago. But just like usual she is pulled through like a champ!!! We have been working on potty training with her, so far, no luck! Not even close!!! Very frustrating! Still love her though! We have her in two different preschools, (one is a joy school, and the other is a dora school offered through Ashley's school) She has been going to school since September, but still every letter is "B" , she cant count even to three,  if you ask her what a number is sometime she says its sugar . And every color is purple. I work with her every day. But for what ever reason, non of these basics are clicking with her. But thats ok we will take her any way we can get her! But if you give her barbies or dress ups she will be busy for hours!!!

She is getting big fast! She will be one in December! I think just like her sisters we forgot to tell her that she is not allowed to grow up! In September,, she got her first two teeth. She is now crawling every where and getting into every thing! She can now pull her self up on furniture and is trying to walk along it!  She loves to clap.  And she is learing how to wave. We also loves that she is starting to try and copy us in making sounds!It is so cute! We cant wait to hear her first words, and see her first steps!

Jeremy and I were able to go to Hawaii thanks to Zagg, but I will blog about that later when I can post pics as well!