Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayers needed please.

Jeremy's work is talking about out sourcing his job. If that happens he will be taking a huge pay cut or will be loosing his job all together. We need your prays in hope that A- he will be able to keep his job and they will not out source his job. or B- He will be able to find a new job that will have good insurance and partway good pay. If you could keep us in your prayers we will apprisiate it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ashleys Hair DOO!!!

Today I was actuly able to get Ashley to sit down long enough for me to be able to do her hair. I put on mama mia, that is the one and only show I can get her to sit down and watch the whole thing, So I put that on and I did her hair, so cute! I think it is cute anyways I dont have a real good crafty hands, I can envision what I want but then my hands never couoperate. But I think it still turnd out well.
She was so mad at me for she was trying to watch Mia when I was taking her photo.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daughter for Sale! (not really)

Any one want a daughter? She has been the naughtiest little girl lately, I think the terrible twos are really starting to hit. I can see why they call it the terrible twos. I love Ashley and I will never ever sell her , but heaven knows some times I am ready to.

In the pic below you will see a blue railing on the floor, well that used to be on the side of her bed. She broke that off, it was kind of loose any ways but she still broke it off.
We did have her room clean at one point, her stuffed animals were in a neat pile her cloths were in a neat pile, but now you cant tell where one pile starts and the other ends, Man she likes making messes for her mom to clean up. And she thought she was cute, each time I went to go and take a pick she would get in the way and smile, like she thought haha look what I did I am so cute. AHHHHHH!
You cant really see the next pic that well but I still had to take it. Ashley and staked up all of her stuffed animals and climbed up and got down the crayons, well she decided she wanted to color, so she colored her wall by her bed! She also decided to color on her sheets. LITTLE SNOT!

She may be the biggest pain but I will never be able to give her up! I love you so much Ashley! (Even though you can stress me out!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy late Valentines Day!!! We had such a jam packed day that I did not get a chance to sit down and blog about it until now! We woke up that morning and I made a Valentines day hunt for Jeremy and Ashley, It is a tradition that my mom started way back when, and I had always known growing up that I would like to pass that tradition down to my kids.

This is a pic of Ashley looking for her clues. I hid one in one of her fav shows and so then she insisted on caring it around with her.
These were Ashleys Valentines day presents. She got a fridge phonics, Which is a magnetic item that goes on the friedge, then it has a couple of diffrent ways to use it, the first is you can put the letters in the center, It will tell you what letter it is and what sound it makes, the second way to play it is there is a little green button on the right hand side and if you push it it will sing the whole alphabet song for you.
Ashley looking at her card that I made for her.
This is a present that Jeremy got me for Valentines day. I have been complaing to him so much lately about how much I want a dog, well he got me this for that one reason. Our landlords (my parents) dont want a dog in the house, which I dont understand. We used to have a dog Mindi, and I remeber she was a BAD dog! But I dont understand why we cant get one that is kennel trained and potty trained. But hey they say no. But that wont stop me from wishing and praying that some day soon I will have a real live dog to call my own!
This is Jeremy standing with his Valentines day present. I got him a stuffed Monkey! It is a tradition that every year I get him a monkey. I usuly get some sort of sining monkey, but I could not find any cute ones this year so I got him this one instead.
We got my mom to watch Ashley so that Jeremy and I could go out on our date. (Thanks Mommy!)

For lunch Jeremy took me out to eat at Olive Garden. SOOOO good!!!! So while we were waiting for our food to come I took Jeremys photo.
This is a chicken soup that I had it is kind of like chicken and dumplings.
Here is what Jeremy and I both had to eat, CHICKEN SKAMPI! We love it, SO YUMMY! It has a garlic sause which is to die for!!
Then after lunch we hopped on tracks and went down town, to see what else but.....
I know not that romantic, but I LOVE monster trucks. And so he surprised me with tickets. I was so happy that I got to go. I was hoping and hoping that he would get me tickets, but I really doubted he would for we are broke right now. But he some how found the money or saved it, not really sure which he did, and got us tickets! Jeremy took me to my first monster truck show over five years ago. And when I first heard about it I was kind of up set that he was taking me to see some dumb old trucks. Well once I got there and the show started, I started to fall in love with them. To this day I can not tell you WHY I like monster trucks, There is just something in my soul that wants the loud noise and the trucks. So I would highly recomend going out and seeing a show next time they are in town! You may be like me and think oh they are so dumb, why would any one want to go and see that. But once you see them they will get in to your blood.
This first truck is called BULLDOZER he was a ok truck not my favorite.
This truck has to be my new favorite truck.(sorry Gravedigger) his name is BACKWORDS BOB. He would do every thing one the course backwords, It was so cool to watch him. This was the first time I have seen him, but I am hoping WONT be the last!
This truck is called the AIR BORNE RANGER. of course provided by the Air force.
This truck is BLUE THUNDER, I am told he is the next big truck. He was the over all winner at our show. He was pretty cool to watch.
Here is the jumping contest. They line up at the line and when they say go they see how high and how far they can jump. So cool to watch. The car on the right hand side is from Utah, I am sad that I did not get a good close up of this is car. He is actuly a car and not a truck.
I love this photo, if only the stupid popcorn guy was not in the way but I still got a pretty good shot of BLUE THUNDER and MAVERICK jumping.
This is one of the motor cross jumpers that they had there, He is completly off of is bike and just hanging on to the handle bars,while in the air. I wish the rest would have turned out better and I also wish that I had a better zoom on my camera.
Here is another tuck, I forgot its name but if you can make it out let me know!
Our home town hero MAVERIK!!! Yay Maverik! It was sad on the very last round, Maverik went off of a huge jump and he ended up hurting something, So he was not able to compete for the winners spot. But we were still proud of him!
The pretty pink and white cars before Monster trucks.....
The pretty pink and white cars after Monster Tucks!
Jeremy really wanted me get me in a pic in front of the pink cars. It was funny I was talking to Jeremy a couple of days before and I was telling him if I could design my own car, it would be a pink Dodge caravan or a pink Dodge 4X4.
Here is Jeremy in front of some of the trucks. It was cool we were some of the very last ones out of there, I wanted to take some pics.
Then after the monster trucks we hopped back on tracks and headed back to our house to pick up Ashley. Then we headed over to Jeremy parents house to spend time with them. They made us chicken enchaladas for dinner (ymmy) then the boys went down stairs to watch the NBA all stars game, and the girls staid up stairs and watched MAMA MIA. So we had a blast. We also had Matt and Suzi over to spend time with us which was a blast!

So that was our Valentines Day in a nut shell!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flower or Flour....

Jeremy came home from work today and he had surprised me with PRETTY pink roses!!! I love them! I feel like a princess every time I look at them! This is the first part of my valentines day. We will do what ever else we have planned tomorrow! I cant wait to see what we are going to do!!!
They are so pretty!!!
Speaking of flowers, I have a diffrent type of flower story. Last night I had to make cookies for Jeremys work, so after making six batches as I was rolling them out to cut them, Ashley decided that she would like to help! This is the result of her helping me! So cute!
We were right there making sure she did not get it all over the house, but it kept her busy so that I could finish making the cookies!

I love her expression in this pic!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What month I should have been born in

Your True Birth Month Is June










Easily hurt

Active mind

Easily bored

Loves to joke

Tends to delay


Brand conscious

Loves to dress up

Funny and humorous

Having lots of ideas

Good debating skills

Seldom show emotions

Thinks far with vision

Prone to getting colds

Polite and soft-spoken

Able to show character

Knows how to make friends

Easily influenced by kindness

Takes time to recover when hurt

Choosy and always wants the best

Those who love me are enemies; Those who hate me are friends

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Potty Training Time!

Its time to Potty Train!! Mainly for one reason, Ashley is growing out of her Diapers and we can not afford the next size. So we have to start trying! We got her Elmos potty time. She loves Elmo, So we are hoping that will help.

We first tried a potty seat kind of like this one except for pink and it Says "Princess" on it. I am sure it would work, but I am sick of her trying to flush the toilet every minute, and her unwinding the hole roll of toilet paper. So we will save this for when she is a little older.
This is the new potty that we got for her, so now we can put it in the living room bathroom or bedroom where she wont be able to play with the things that she shouldn't. So today I had her in the living room sitting in front of the tv watching Elmos Potty Time.

Ashley sitting on her new potty.

I hope and pray she will be easy to potty train! Does any one out there have any tips on how to help potty train?

Jungle Jims

My friend Carrie called me the other day and asked if I would like to take Ashley to Jungle Jims for she had a coupon. I was in a lot of pain from my ankle still. But I thought I should try any ways for I would not have that kind of money to take Ashley there my self. So we ended up going and right from the start Ashley wanted to ride the Horsies. She loved them so much we ended up riding it 21 times!!! She LOVES the horsies.
S Ashley was not sure about the swings at first but once they started going You could here her clear across the room screaming with joy.

Ashley liked this one, I am not sure what it is call it just goes around, but she had a blast.

Ashley loved to have the power to go up and down all by her self in the air plane.

I thought this wasn't supposed to happen for another 14 years!!!

Ashley enjoying the horsies with Grandma one last time before she went home to take a nap!

I just thought that this was an adorable pic of Ashley!

It was so cute after Ashleys nap the first thing she said was "Horsies,Comon Horsies" It was so cute she wanted to go back right away!Thanks so much Carrie for giving us the opportunity to be able to go! We really appreciated it!