Friday, April 22, 2011

I am selling TUTUs!

Hot Pink and light pink
hot pink light pink and purple
the same one hot pink light pink and purple
BYU! Blue and White
BYU Blue and White
Dark blue and light blue

We are selling them for:
$20.00 FOR THE SMALL (0-2 YEARS)
$30.00 FOR THE LARGE ( 8-12 YEARS)

If your interested give me a call at 801-913-0969.

Here is some of the combos and colors we have, if you are interested in other colors let me know and we will see what we can do for you!!!

- Black and Silver
- Sea-moss and Purple
- Sea-moss, Pink, Green
- Light pink and Black
- Brown Yellow and Pink
- Purple and Yellow
- Pink and Yellow
- Pink and Silver
- Hot Pink and White
- Sea-moss and Pink
- Yellow and Silver
- Green, Pink, and Brown
- Purple, Pink, and White
- Black and White
- Hot Pink Black and White
- Chocolate Brown and Pink
- Chocolate Brown and Teal
- BYU: Blue and White
- Utes: Red and White
- Patriotic: Red, White, Blue