Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Stress any one? I have more then enough to go around Here is the latest on our house. They are putting in our carpet as we speak. The bad news, OUR COUNTER TOPS STILL ARE NOT IN!!! Which means our final walk through is being pushed back!! yet again. I just hope that Our closing date is not being pushed back again. we are supposed to be closing on Tuesday. And if our stupid dang counter tops don't go in we could be pushing our closing date back and then we wont be able to move in until July, and there would be a chance we loose out on the $6000 from the state.I know I am probably over reacting but this will be the second time that every thing gets pushed back! I just want my house and my puppy! I don't want all this stress. I tell you its because of this stress I cant get better. I have an ear infection, and I can not hear any thing out of my right ear, I wake up nauseous every morning, I think I am just starting to wear out. Our realtor is the best she is trying her hardest to keep us in formed and to help us not be stressed. Yet we cant help but be stressed!!! Please we need your prayers that we can close on the house, on Tuesday and that our cabinets will go in this weekend. I don't know if I could handle it being pushed back again. PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We got to go and visit our puppy today!

We got to go and pick out our puppy today! She is sooooo cute! This first pic is of our puppy and her mommy. That is about how big she will get or she may be small like her daddy.
This next picture please don't look at me in it. I always manage to blink my eyes right when the photo is being taken. This is our first family picture with our new puppy, once we get her she will be in all of them!

Me holding our puppy and her two sisters. Ours is the one with the collar. (we gave it to her as a present)
Here she is close up snuggling with Jeremy! She is so cute!
Here is a better pic where you can tell that it is Jeremy holding her.
How can you not love that face!
The first time Ashley got to hold our puppy! Her eyes are not yet open, Hopefully they will be by the next time we go down there
Ashley giving her new puppy a kiss!
Look how cute she is!
This is the first time that Jeremy got to hold her!
Ashley petting the puppy!
After we picked out our puppy, we wen to Pony Express days. Its a cool thing that Eagle Mountain does every year, they have a parade, a carnival, they bring in a country singer for a concert and then have fire works. So we went and hung out at my sisters house after the carnival. We waited until 1130 for the concert to get over so they could do the fire works, but they just went to long and we still had to head home to Murray. So we left but as we were driving on the free way we saw them from a very long distance!
We went and saw our house today, STILL NO CARPET AND STILL NO COUNTER TOPS!! We are supposed to have our final walk through on Thursday, but we cant until they get those in. but we went today and they had installed towel holders, the things that hold the toilet paper, shower rods and door nobs! So its getting there it is just taking forever! Oh well we will get there some day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Whats happening with the Foys

Well not a whole lot is happening with us besides packing! It seems like I will pack a ton of boxes, turn around and I did not even make a dent. I have learn over the past month of packing, I HATE PACKING! Some times I just feel like taking a blow torch to every thing, and starting over! Oh well I have to keep in mind the reason why I am doing it, Our new house!!

In other Foy news:
The other day Ashley and I went swimming in our back yard. So being the responsible mom I am, I put sun screen on Ashley, knowing there was a really good chance that she could be allergic to it. But I would rather have her break out and itch for a day or so, then have her sunburned. So I put it on and we went swimming. well a few hours later she started to break out and I was not worried about it for I knew it was coming. And the rash was just were I had put the sun screen. A day later the rash was still not gone. But still not worried about it, so I put it out of my head and just gave her Benadryl to help with the itching. Well today she woke up and the rash had spread to her whole body. Then I knew something was wrong. So I put her in a baking soda bath, and that really did not help. Well the next thing I knew, I was calling Jeremy telling him I was going to call his parents have them pick me up and take me to his work so I could get the car. So then I called and got that all set up. Got ready to go. went and got the car, talked to Jeremy for a minute, and then headed to the insta care.
I got to the insta care and they checked us in really fast, so I was thinking, oh great we will get back there fast too. Not so much, almost 45 minutes later they call us back to get Ashley's temp, and such. So they show us to the room we would be waiting in. Two minutes later, the dr walks in and starts talking to Ashley. At first glance the dr looked like this honery thing, who would be grumpy and mean to Ashley. Turns out this dr was the NICEST dr I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She was so good with Ashley! (it taught me not to judge a person by what they look like) So the dr asked all of the questions and looked Ashley over. Then she looked in Ashley's mouth and told me that she wanted to test her for strep throught. I was thinking I came in here for a rash not a sore throught. But I did not argue and let the dr do her thing. Then I sat there for about ten minutes, when the dr came in, she was fallowed by 10 other nurses and drs. I really started to flip out. I thought Ashley was going to die or something at that point. When the dr saw how worried I was looking she then explained to me that the test came back positive for SCARLET FEVER! I think that freaked me out even more. So the dr explained to me that she had brought in the other drs because it is very rare now in days to see scarlet fever. And she wanted them to see and feel what the rash is like when you have scarlet fever. (The rash is a whole bunch of red spots, and bumps) So they all took a turn touching Ashley to see what it feels like. So the dr told us to give her some antibiotics and if the bumps are not 100% gone tomorrow, then to take her up to primary children's Hospital. Which I am really worried about. We have to keep a really close eye on her, for if this gets to bad it will start attacking her liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs.
So you ask how she got it. That is a good question. I guess apparently about a week or two ago Ashley had gotten strep throught, and we had no knowledge of it. She never was moaping and acting sick, she never complained that her throught hurt. The only sign we had is she was not really interested in food for a few days. Her pediatrician told us that if she does not eat for a few days that is ok as long as she is drinking. Which she was. Then a few days later she got her appetite back, and was her normal self. If you look at her you could never tell she is sick besides the itching. Because we ignored that sign, she then contracted Scarlet Fever. So now Ashley is quarantined for two days, unless the spots don't go away completely then we have to take her to PCH. Poor Ashley baby!

I am so glad now that I listened to the holy spirit and fallowed it. Even though at the time I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it for I was not that worried about Ashley not worried enough at least to take her to the dr. But the holy ghost told me what I needed to do, and I did it, even though I did not know what I was doing at the time. I am so glad I listened to the still small voice, we could have ended up in a lot worse position down the line if I had not listened. That is one reason why I am proud to say I BELONG TO THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS! I am so glad I have a spirit to help me along in my life. I never felt like I really ever listened to the Holy Ghost before. I always just said ok yes I feel right or nope I feel bad about that. I have all ways herd of people saying. The holy ghost told me what to do and if it was wrong before, and I always thought to my self, yah right they hear voices in side there heads or what. I cant explain it, but today is the first time in my life where I can honestly say, I LISTENED to the Holy Ghost tell me what to do, I HEARD the voice! At the time I did not realize that I was even under the direction of the Holy Ghost until I started thinking back about the day today. It was then that the spirit had touched me, and told me I did the right thing by listening.