Friday, May 21, 2010

Things comming up

Well there has not been a lot going on since we left Idaho. Just a lot of sitting around the house. But coming up in the next few weeks we will have more to do!

Tomorrow I have my NORWEX party at my house. Then we are thinking about heading down to Provo to explore the town some more or at least orem and American Fork. Sunday we will be at his parents house visiting them.

Then next weekend I am not sure which day I will be leaving but the girls and I will be heading to Bear Lake for Memorial day weekend! We cant wait to go back, it is one of our favorite places to visit every summer!

The next week after Jeremy's Mom and I will be going to the Tracy Lawrence concert here in Eagle Mountain. Then that Sunday We have a family party with the Bryants!

Then we will have a summer full of yard sales and bear lake, then we are hoping to be able to go camping at Island Park this year like the good old days! So once I actually get pics and we do something worth blogging about we will post it up!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our trip to Idaho May 2010

We went to Idaho for our vacation. All of the photos are in backwards order I forgot to put them in reverse order. We went to Pocatello for my uncle Jere's funnral. It was a very nice service. From there we went to Jeremys sisters house and went to go see Leo the Lion from Real Salt Lake. Then we stayed the night at her house and then went to our nephew Londons soccer game, he was so happy he scored three goals! From there we left to go and see Jeremys other sister, went and saw their new house and went to go get the girls's ears pierced! We came back and watched The tooth farrie with the rock. When we got up and went to church Kevin, Chris, and Camaron all got ordained in to their possessions in the church. That is where we are at now. From there we will go and visit my Aunt Judy and then to the cemetery to visit my mom and dads graves. Afterwords we will head to my moms house to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, then we will head home. So here are a few photos we have taken over the weekend, remember they are in reverse order
Casaya chillin with Uncle Cody!

Casaya sporting her new pierced ears!
While we were watching the movie we Jeremys mom served as the Lazy boy, it was so sweet!
When they went to go and pierce her ears they tried doing them both at the same, but because she was so small they could not get in together to do it so they had to do it one at a time. But she did great at it, she cried for maybe thirty seconds then she was just fine. Did not bother her at all.
Just happy as can be waiting to get her ears pierced.
Kristin sporting her new pierced ears.
Kristen getting her ears pierced she did a great job, she did not even have to squeeze her moms hand.
Kristen getting scared waiting to have her ears pierced.
Kristen waiting to go!
Casaya snuggling with her blankie at London's soccer game.
Ashely and Jeremy with the Real salt lake lion, Leo. Ashley was terrified of him. So Jeremy had to hold her while they took the pic.
Ashley and Daddy ready for church!
Ashley found some stickers on the way up so we took a pic.
Casaya chewing on her blanket.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here is how a conversation went between up today.
Ashley- "I hungry grandma I'm hungry!"
Me- "I hungry grandma I'm hungry, I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant" (from 101 dalmatians)
Ashley- " I don't want to eat a elephant mommy" As she said that with a sad face.
Poor little girl thought I was serious!