Monday, April 19, 2010

Do my girls have to grow up so fast?

The girls Aunty Kris went to Las Vegas and brought back the girls some stuffed animals! This is Casaya enjoying her Eeore from her! She kept on eating it. When I went to pull it out of her mouth she got so mad at me!
Casaya started smiling last week!!! These are some of the first pics I got of her smiling! I love her smile!

Ashley got her first bike the other day! And thanks to Aunty Kris she also got a princess helmet! She is defiantly trying to learn how to ride she tries to get going and she tries to peddle back words! But she is getting it! She is so happy on her bike!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have just posted 4 new blogs! So please go and look at them all there are a lot of photos! And this blog is a special blog! Do you know why?


To bad it is not something cooler!

Play group!

We went to a bouncy house today for play group.

When we first got there the girls did not want to play on the bouncy things they only wanted to play fallow the leader on the benches!

Ashley having fun bouncing on the football field.
Ashley climbing through one of the tubes.
The moms holding their youngest kids and watching their other kids, In the pic Julia, Sara, Sonjia, Ambree, Brandy, Emjay, Melanie holding Avalia.
Ashley climbing up the big stairs to go down the big slide. I wish i would have got a picture of the whole slide for it was huge! It was so much fun! I found my self going down even with out Ash!
Ash and her best friend Seby bouncin! Just secounds after this photo was takin they ran in to each other and gave each other goose eggs.
Casaya and her best friend Avalia enjoying the play group!
Ashley going down the big slide!

Jeremy came to pick us up, and he decided to join in on the fun! So he went around from toy to toy jumping and playing

We had a blast at play group! We cant wait for the next one!

Got our back yard in!

My cousin Ryan said that he would come and help us with our back yard, for a killer deal! So here are some before and after shots!

Our grass all rolled up in the back of the trailer and our stone is in the back of the truck!

Jeremy and Ryan berried our water drain hose.

This was Ashley's job, to play in her house and to stay away from the boys!
Ryan rolling out our lawn!

Jeremy laying down our first bricks!

Ryan still working hard on the grass!

Ashley admiring her new play area.
Jeremy and Ryan laying down some weed barrier paper.
The bricks and the grass are almost together!
Our grass all done!

I dont have a pic of the finished bricks yet. Because they are not finished. We have to pull up all of the bricks that we layed and we have to put down some sand so then that way we can have level bricks that dont move! Ryan said he would come back out on Saturday if it is nice weather to finish the back yard! So I cant wait to have it done! Ryan did an awsome job with every thing. He was also nice enough to give us the grass out of his own lawn.


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This was Ashley's Easter basket. The Easter Bunny found a really good deal on a princess table and chairs and she also got play dough, bubbles, coloring books, church shoes, big girl panties, and a princess bucket.
This was Casaya's Easter basket. She got a bunny, bottles, shoes, bows, pacies and a new blanket.
Casaya screamed and screamed because of her colic, right when we layed her down on her new blanket she rubbed her face on it and fell right a sleep. To this day she still loves the blankie and will still rub it on her face.
We went up to our cabin for Easter and Confrence. While we were there we had a big Easter egg hunt! This is Ashley searching for her eggs.

This is Casaya and her Easter basket, she was a sleep during the Easter Egg Hunt.
Ashley looking at all of her eggs.
Every one that went that was not married got an Easter basket! There was 19 of them all together I believe! They are all set out for the Easter Bunny.
Ashley's and Casaya's Easter baskets
Ashley and Casaya in their Easter dresses. They look so cute in them! Thank you aunt Delain!
The kids playing confrence bingo!

Play group and Discovery Gateway

We went to play group at Discovery Gateway! We had a blast!

Ashley LOVED shopping! She waited and waited to get the shoping cart, she was very good at waiting for it but when it was time to give it up she was not happy about it!
Ashley riding on a full size horse!
Ashley playing in the water!
Ashley thinks she is old enough to drive a car, what do you think?
All the girls sitting around the table and Seby was serving them! It was so cute!
Ashley loves the fridge it was just her size!
Ash sending the balls to Olivia.
Olivia and Ashley having a blast!
Ramsey, Olivia and Ashley loved sending the balls to one another!
Ashleys first ride on the trax train!
We had a blast! There was so much to do! We cant wait to go back we could spend the whole day there, but unfortunatly we had to get going so that Jeremy could get to work.