Monday, April 2, 2012

Family pics by the Bishop

The girls and I

Jeremy and the girls
LOVE this pic of Ashley!!!!!
Unfortunately Casaya would not cooperate for her pics! She did not want her pic taken at all, so this is maybe the best one.
We were made for each other!
HI!! (I am shy)
We still love each other!
I normally hate my photos ( I think I look way to big in them) but I LOVE this one! So sweet!
We love our girls
A happy family... stays together!
The family!!! LOVE the mountains in the back ground! Perfect time of year for there is still some snow on the tops of the mountains.
Love this one!!! Cant wait to have a big one of this hanging up on our wall
For our Relief Society Birthday in March, we had a silent auction, and you can bid on things with the points you have. So the bishop donated his skills to take family photos! I had no idea he was a photographer, but he takes wedding and family photos. Then he also works for the church, and does a lot of the on line things for the church. Our pics turned out great! These are the pics before touch up! So I cant wait to see what he does when they are done! we have close to 300 pics but these are some of the best!

My 28th, Birthday trip

Yep!!! Jeremy took me to Vegas for my birthday!!! I have wanted to go here for years!!!
We are so cute together!
The Mirage!! So pretty we stayed for one of their shows, it was God bless the USA! I cried it was so pretty!
The biggest Chocolate water fall in the Belagio! Loved going to all of the free stuff in Vegas!
The ceiling of the Belagio hotel check in, they are all hand blown glass flowers.
Shows you how big the chocolate waterfall was!
Jeremys favorite part of the trip!!! He loves ships! Can you believe that Treasure Island does not sell Pirate ships!
Jeremy took me to Pampas for dinner on my birthday! It was sooo good! It is a Brazilian restaurant in Planet Hollywood.
HEHE we ran in to Captain Jack Sparrow! Jeremy loved it. There is a great story that goes along with this pic. So if you want to know what it is, email me and i will send it to you.
Jeremy with Elvis
The view from our room! We had the perfect view of the strip and Coke world!
Had to go and visit Elvis and his pink catalac!

Our hotel! Jeremy and I have always loved castles! One of our goals is to go to Scotland Spain and any where else that has a castle. For our honey moon he took us to the Castle Creek in in Sandy. So he wanted to stick with the castle theme. (Can you believe a place with the Castle theme, does not sell castles!)
A very pretty rose by the mall on the strip! I love how it looked against the night sky!
The statue of liberty made out of either Jelly Bellys or jelly beans! Did not get the bottom part of it for there was some girls who would not move!
I loved this HUGE wall waterfall!
Jeremy found a great deal on tickets, so he took me to see the Jabbawockeez for my birthday!! So much fun watching them!
This was at the Aria (I think thats how its spelled) It was a huge wall waterfall!!! Jeremy and I love waterfalls! We could have stayed there all night, just listening to it!
Jeremy and I with the coke bear! Man he was cute!
You just cant go to Vegas with out going to Coke world!!! Man wish we had a million dollars to spend there!
Took this on the way to Vegas. I love the red rocks!

Our trip was pretty cheap! We got a great deal on the hotel. (Which came with 2 free buffets) Then we hit a lot of the free things to do on the strip. We spent money on my birthday dinner. Then a few dollars on souvenirs. And surprisingly enough we only gambled 3 dollars the hole time we were there. There are so many things to do besides gambling! We had so many things to see on our list, we did not even get through 1/4th of it!!