Thursday, January 21, 2010

up dates!

On Monday we went to the Dr to have Casayas weight checked. She gained 7 ounces!!! So she is now up to 4 pounds 14 ounces!!! She gained 7 ounces in one week!! The Dr said she is gaining weight so well she wont need to go back in until her two month appointment!!!! Yay! Way to go Casaya!!

Mom is healing nicely. We went and got the sterile strips removed about a week ago and the Dr said that it looks like the surgery was 6 weeks ago and not two!!! But my blood pressure is still screwed up! I keep on getting these really bad head aches from my blood pressure. I am taking pills for it, but I am not sure if they are working for I keep on getting the head aches. So I have to go in to the Dr for my six week check up, in a couple of weeks and I will talk to him about it then. Its just annoying for no matter what I do I can not get my head aches to go away. Caffeine does not work and I can not take Excedrin, for I am still nursing. So lets hope and pray we can get some thing figured out! And soon!

Jeremy is still working like a mad man. He is tired all the time, but that happens when you get four hours of sleep, and even then it is not straight. For he always seems to wake up when the baby wakes up then he has a hard time getting back to sleep.

Ashley is still spoiled. She has had a very hard time trying to adjust to being a big sister. That and being home and getting used to our rules again. She was bounced around from house to house for so long, that her little world just got turned up side down. But she is starting to figure out how mommy's rules work and what she can and can not do with her sister. But one thing Ashley did figure out how to do is share, and decided to share a nice cold with her sister.

Yesterday we went out and got Casayas pic taken at a Lady's house. She did a really good job from the pics that I saw that she took. I can not wait until we go back on the sixth to see the rest of them. I am hoping and praying that she has a thing where we can buy the copy right to the pics. For with what I saw we would be getting a second mortgage to pay for all the pics that we would like to get. They turned out so cute!!! And the lady even let Ashley get dressed up in a dancing dress and she got her photo taken and then she took photos of the two girls together! Daddy even got in on some of the photo taken fun!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 going on 15?

Today while I was making lunch Ashley kept on pestering me to hold Casaya. Well I finally let her. As she was holding her Ashley says to me " its ok mom, I got this! Go make lunch!"I thought that was so cute!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Grandma and Grandpa enjoying some time with Casaya for one last time in the hospital before she came home!
Casaya taking her car seat test. She passed with flying colors!!
Mommy is ready to take me home!
Daddy LOVES to give me kisses!
Getting ready to go home!
I love the car! I fell a sleep on the way home! Just happy to be where they wont poke me all night and have other noisy babies so I cant sleep.
Me in my car seat! I look so small in there!
I was being so cute my mommy had to take this pic!
My sister Ashley holding me for the first time! Ashley has waited a LONG LONG time to hold me. First thing she said when she saw me "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"
Daddy having fun with me! He thought it would be fun to put me in Ashley's baby doll stroller!
Ashley got sick so right now she is with Grandma and Grandpa Smith. We really really did not want Casaya to get sick. But we are doing good either then that. Jeremy went back to work full time which he has had a really hard time with. He really does not want to be away from the girls.

We got some great news from Jeremy's brother in Spain! They will be adding a new little boy to their family in May!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ashley Casaya
Birth weight 7 Lbs 6 oz 4 Lbs 2 oz
Length 21 inches 16 inches
Head Percentage 95% 5%
Weight Percentage 50% 1%
Heigth Percentage 97% 1%
Gestation 41 weeks 34 weeks
Birthdays December 20th December 28th

So that is the differences between our two girls!!! As soon as I can I will post the pics of both of them together!

Casaya is doing great! She is still eating every three hours weather she wants to or not!

Ashley is still very jealous of her sister and will is finding any and all ways to act out so she can get attention. Including wanting to suck on a pacifier and bottle. Any one have any ideas so hopefully we can put an end to this madness?

I love having my girls!! They are some of the best things that could ever happen to us!!!

Mom is doing well she went in for her check up yesterday and the dr said that her scar looks like it has been 6 weeks since the operation and not two!!! Mom is still very tired, and wants to sleep alot. But she is still loving life!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess What!!!!!!

Casaya is Home!!!!!

We got a call on Sat morning. I picked up the phone and the nurse came on the phone. My heart sank, I thought that something was wrong with Casaya. First thing I heard was "Come and get your daughter" It took me a few min to realize what the nurse was trying to tell me. In the back ground I heard her tell another nurse "I don't think it has hit her yet" Right then it clicked! I started smacking Jeremy telling him to get out of bed, and I started throwing off the covers. He thought I was just being mean. Jeremy had no clue what was going on. Once I got off the phone I told him what was going on. He jumped right out of bed we got going and brought our little girl home!!!! We love having her home!!!

The first time Ashley saw her sister all she could say "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" "I hold her! I hold her"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Casaya update!

Casaya is still in the hospital! It is very sad and lonely with out her home, we can tell that some one is missing from our family when we walk in our door. Knock on wood, we have been lucky that we have been able to go and see her every day. She will take a whole bottle once a day,the other times she will take the feedings through the tube in her nose. Casaya will be able to come home when she can take all of her feedings through a bottle. Which we are hoping will be within the next week. But she is able to monitor her own temp, she is slowly gaining weight, and she has never needed oxygen. So the only thing keeping her in the hospital, is her learning how to eat. So keep us in your prayers and lets hope and pray she can come home soon!!!
Her pacifier is almost as big as she is!
I love when she sleeps like this!
Look ma! I have eyes!
Just to let you know the size she is!
I got to hold on to my hat!