Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Ashley turned 5 today!!!! I cant believe she is that old! Did I not just have her yesterday?!?! She has grown so much this year! She went from being my little Ashley to my big girl Ashley. She loves to help take care of her sister, that includes changing diapers (with moms help of course), she likes to bathe her, dress her, do her hair. She is a great big sister. This year she developed an attitude, (if she is any thing like her mom was HEAVEN HELP US ALL) so we are trying to put a stop to that one as fast as possible. She is very smart for her age and has a memory like you cant believe! (she still will tell us stories about something that happened when she was 1 1/2! Her favorite thing this year were, Strawberry shortcake, Rapunzel and Princess and the frog. She loves to sing songs and she can probly sing almost all of the Christmas songs by memory. Her favorite holidays this year are Halloween and Christmas! Its amazing, she was only 4 and she all ready has a testimony of the church. She also can recognize that all people are equal (we were watching the help and she wanted to know why they weren't treating the lady's very nice. So I explained to her the best I could and she said " they should treat her nice, heavenly father loves her and so do I") what a sweet heart! She has the biggest heart of any one I know!
I love you so much Ashley! Thank you for letting me be your mom!!! I cant wait to see what you do this next year! I love you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Evil Santa?

We belong to a program called KIDS ON THE MOVE, this year for Christmas they had Santa come! Ashley telling Santa what she wants (a cell phone, a computer, and repunzel scrapbook paper)
Casaya making a snow man
Ash making her Snowman
Casaya and our family educator Carla.
Casaya is our first kid who is afraid of Santa! She looked back and saw who was holding her, she flipped out!! She is not a fan of Santa any more!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas activities!

Jeremy and I at the Conference center waiting for the First Presidency Christmas Devotional!
The Fist presidency up on the stand with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! What an awesome night! I was so grateful for the opportunity to listen to our Prophet and be in the same room as him! He is such a cute man! One thing I learned about Christmas, it is very rarely ever perfect, but most of all I learned not to burn down the curtains! (Thanks Dieter Ukdorf!) If you missed the devotional look it up! It was great!
Jeremy and his parents out side of the Confrence Center, they were able to go with us, and so was Jeremys brother Josh and his wife. Thanks to my mom she stayed home with the kids!!!
This is a pic of Casaya, we love it when she makes this face and this is the first time we were able to get a pic of it! They arnt the best pics but you can see how cute she was when she makes the face!

We were given a great opportunity to go to Thanksgiving Point as a family to see the lights! We had a blast! It was so cold but definitely worth the cold to see the lights from the wagon ride! I loved it and so did the kids! Casaya got scared right at the first when we started moving, (I think the part that scared her is the horses moved, and she was not expecting that) But we had a blast! I wish I could have gotten better pics but all of mine came out blurry!
Jeremy and the girls in front of a snow flake ice skuplture.
Sorry out of order, This is Jeremy and I out side of the Conference Center.
Casaya looking at Santas reindeer for the first time!
Love my pretty girl! She is growing up so fast!
I love the love that goes on between these two! This is the first pic that I have gotten of Casaya hugging Ashley! LOVE it!!!
Ash in front of a really pretty Christmas Tree at Thanksgiving point!
Two of Santas reindeer came to visit us from the North Pole! We would like to introduce you to Comet and Cupid! They are a lot smaller then I thought they would be! I was expecting something bigger like a moose, But they are about as big as a miniature horse!!! (Maybe even smaller the that) Its a wonder that they can even pull Santa and all of the presents!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas arrived in Eagle Mountain!

Ashleys two favorite things in the world! Santa Clause and Fire trucks!!!
This is how Santa comes to Eagle Mountain! Forget the sleigh, who need it when you got a FIRE TRUCK!!! This is Ashleys favorite day of the year! Its what she talks about all year long!
Ashley waiting in line to see Santa! She is talking with the "Princesses" She was in paradise to have both in the same night!
Ashley, Santa, Mrs. Clause, and Casaya, in the Eagle Mountain City Hall! Every year they have a tree lighting ceremony and Santa comes to help turn on the lights, then he visits with all of the children!
"When I grow up I am going to be a fire girl" When Ashley was 2 we went to my moms school to help her. Well it happened that on the day we went They were going on a field trip to the fire station. So we tagged along with them. Well that sparked a little fire in Ashley's heart. Now she LOVES fire trucks. She gets so excited just seeing one and when she hears one WATCH OUT, she may just be screeching louder then the truck!