Monday, February 7, 2011

Pics of the kids

I have not posted pics in a while so I decided now is as good of time as any. Before the pics get backed up.
Ashley sleeping, I have not taken a pic of her sleeping in a few years so I thought I would take one of her now. I used to take her pic all the time when she was sleeping but unfortunately I haven't had time to do that, and with two kids, when they go to bed I go to bed!
Casaya sleeping on her pillow pet, I thought this pic was so cute!
Casayas first fat lip, she thought so could walk from the toilet to the bathtub, well she miss judged the distance and hit her lip on the bathtub.
I love this pic! She looks like my little glamor girl!
This pic makes me laugh, for she was helping me fold the laundry and even though you cant see her face her hand tells it all, like "well what am I supposed to do with this"
Casaya helping mommy!
Casaya thinks this is how we fold clothes, she has to eat them all first!