Friday, June 10, 2011

Our life in photos

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog, Its really hard to update it when you dont have the internet! So this is our life in pictures. They are all out of order but at least you still get to see what we have been up to!

Casaya after getting tubes put in she is still out of it but she was trying to smile.
Mommy holding Casaya while she is trying to wake up after surgery.

Im done!
The bear the the Dr gave her right before the surgery, the ribbon says Dr Porter loves me

We had to take off her hospital gown for it was making her very crankey, She also had a hard time trying to lift up her head.

Casaya before surgery: Pick me up mom!
Get these things off of my feet! (She is like her mom, she cant stand things on her feet!)
Showing off her hospital gown
Showing off her name bracelet.
They had a tv with water falls on the screen, she loves water so she would get mad every time we would try and move her away from the tv.

One crazy ride!
Chris and Jenny on the scrambler
Dad and Camren in the scramler

Jeremy and Kevin on the scrambler

Cameron Keven Jenny Chris and Bonnie all went on the Gravitron, fun ride!
Jeremy Jenny Katie and Kerry. All we are missing is Josh! Hopefuly soon one of these years we will get all five of them together!
Casaya at her first carnival, poor little girl got fried!
Very interesting name for a port a potty!
Cool robot at the Eagle Mountain city prade
Ashley on the boats at the carnival
Jeremys favorite part of the parade
One of Ashleys favorite parts of the parade Mickey and Minnie!
Our Mayor Heather Jackson When Ashley saw her Ashley turns to me "Mommy thats our Mayor lady"Man my Ashley is smart!
Taught Ashley what to do when she sees a flag
Jeremys other favorite part of the parade! He even got to be in the parade for a few minutes! (Jeremys co worker at ACS is married to Cosmo, his coworker is in the van and Jeremy is talking to her)
Ashleys all time favorite part of the parade, the firetruck! She is in LOVE with fire trucks! We were at my moms school on time and on the day we were there it happend to be fieldtrip day to the fire house. Ash went with them and fell in love with the fire trucks right on the spot!

My favorite part of the parade, the Civil War rein-actors. The had the cannon and drummer boys and every thing it was so cool to see!
Ashley and Daddy waiting for the parade to start
Casaya did not like the fire trucks they were to noisy!
Grandma and the girls at the zoo!
Ashley the turtle
There is just some shots you have to get at least once when you go to the zoo
Baby Prarie dog! I love these guys! They are so cute!
Ashley waiting for the parade to start (told ya they are all mixed up)
Love this pic! Jessica, Kerry and Grandma all looking at Casaya
Ashley on the merry go round
Jessica and Kerry had a blast at the zoo
The girls on the tigers
Grandma and Ashley. (Ashley had to make sure that Grandma was by the girl gorilla and that Ash was by the kid one)
Love this pic! He was looking right at me daring me to take his pic.
Waiting in line at the zoo to buy our tickets
Mom Kerry Dad and Jessica. Kerry came into town for the first time in 10 years. So it was my first time of meeting him. He also brought his girlfriend Jessica. We had a blast with them, but the time went way to fast! Really hoping and praying that they will move here in a couple of years!
Jeremy and his brother Kerry

Kerry hugging his mom for the first time in 10 years!
Casaya excited to meet her Uncle Kerry for the first time!
Waiting for Kerry and Jessica to come!
Dont know why we took this one but Jeremy loves this pic!
Kerry hugging his dad for the first time in 10 years!
Jeremy working on the rooms at the bear lake house.
Jeremy and Devin hard at work.
My mothers day flowers! Thank you honey!
Ashley making sure that every one is working!
Ashley waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start. (My moms ward does this almost every year and then they have breakfast afterwords. So we really wanted to come and visit every one)
ohhh fun! Eggs
Casaya and Ash waiting for the Easter Egg hunt to begin!

Casaya and Ashley loves to share (Some times!)