Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our lives in pics!

 Sorry not a lot of time to blog, have to go take care of the baby. But here is our life real fast in pics. All of this has happened since November. Sorry they are not all in order, some how when they uploaded they got mixed up. But I tried to put captions by most of them. Enjoy! Hopefuly I will beable to tell you more storys later!

 Ashley Christmas
 Casaya Christmas
 In the hospital in November for Pre-eclamcia
 Getting ready to have the baby
 Waiting for them to take me back to the O.R.
 Waiting for the c-section to start
 Jeremy is ready to go back
 Savana Diane, December 27. 7 lbs. 9 oz. 19 in.

 Daddy and Savanas first pic together
 First pic with mommy and daddy
 all done!
 cuddle time with mommy and daddy
 meeting her sisters for the first time
 I cant stop looking at her!
 First outfit to be worn!
 They love their new sister

 Present from Savana to Ashley
 Present from Savana to Casaya
 Casayas first time holding her little sister
 Going home
 Chilling on mom
 Her first bath at home

 We call this the pink turtle

 Casaya is working on potty training
 Savana in her blessing dress.

 We got heart attacked on Valentines day!

 Hubbys Valentines presents
 Hubbys Valentines dinner
The girls