Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am back!

We have the internet!!! Yay! So once I get my computer fixed I will post pics! Here is a quixk cap of what the Foy family has been up to:

Jeremy: Jeremy is working at his new job and loving it so far, (he gets all of the free coke he wants) He now works for ZAGG they make the invisible shield for elctronics.

Bonnie: I have been working on being a better wife and mother. Taking care of the kids all day every day (and loving it most days). I have been doing the laundry and dishes every day. (I know most people do that any ways but I never grew up doing chores so I never learned how and once I got married, I would never do it to the point that my husband had to do them, so now I am learning how to do them) I finally got most of my scrapbook room unpacked! (9 months later) Now if only I had time to scrapbook! I get to go to Texas at the end of this month for a week! I am so excited!!!

Ashley: She is having a great time at school. Learning lots and loving to read! She is the very top of her class in reading and the top 5 in math! I love that she is so smart, but it scares me for she will soon pass me up in what she knows!

Casaya: She is still pretty small for her age (she wheres size 18 month clothes at 3!) But her vocabulary has cought up with her and then some! She is very bossy and has to be in charge all of the time. She is not afraid to back talk me or any one! I hate the terrible threes! rrrrr I cant wait until she is out of this stage.

Savana: She is getting so big fast!!! I cant believe how fast the time has gone! She is all ready two and a half months old! She has colic and acid reflex! Not fun so many many nights up screaming! She loves her sisters dearly and always has a great big smile for them! She (I am sure of it) is looking forward to going on her first plane ride with mommy, and going to her first state besides Utah.

Thats the family in a nut shell! Cant wait to start posting pics again!