Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lots of stuff! (Past three months)

We have had a lot of fun events going on in our family lately. So this is just a catch up with pictures!!!!

This pic is of our poor little sick Ashley. She came in one morning, "Mommy my tummy hurts" I was like "ok go lay back down". Right then she decides to throw up on me and my bed. Poor little girl, but after this nap she woke up and was back to her normal self.

The other day I was walking down the stairs too try and take our dog out side and I for some reason decided I did not need my four last steps and fell down the stairs, so this is my result from my own stupidity.

I know this pic is really dark, I took it with my camera phone, but it lets you know what her favorite game is. She loves to put things in "time out" So I guess curious George was being bad for he was in time out. I love it when she starts yelling at her stuffed animals and babys "your naughty go in the corner!"
This is the first thing that we bought for our little Casaya.

One day Ashley was being really bad that I had to lock her in her room for time out, then pretty soon I noticed things got a little to quite. When I went into her room this is what I found.

My cousin Ryan got married in June to his lovely bride Rebbecca. Congratulations! here are a few of my favorite shots!

The day before my cousin Ryan got married my cousin Aaron got married! He married his lovely bride Stephanie! Congratulations you two!

This is a pic I took of Ashley today for she really wanted her picture taken. So this was her before we got her ready for the day.
We had our ultra sound yesterday, we made sure that she was a girl. So in twenty short weeks we will be welcoming Casaya Evelynn Foy into the world! Here is her picture we got about a month ago. We got another one yesterday, but Jeremy has all the photos at his work showing them off so once I get them back I will put them on the blog. So until then I will show you one of my favorite pictures from our first session. It looks like she is trying to blow bubbles, but it is her umbilical cord.
We had the Foy family reunion a couple of weeks ago. The next few are of Ashley playing in the water.
She LOVES playing with the sand just under the water.
This is Ash trying to be a little run way model. I think she is so cute!!!

My brother and his wife had there first little boy back in August. Welcome to the world Benton!