Monday, June 28, 2010

6 months old!

Casaya is now 6 months old! Its so hard to believe that it was six months ago, I was close to having a stroke, while pregnant with her! Then the Drs telling me I had a half an hour to get my husband there so they can do an emergency c section to get her out! Our little four pounder is now an eleven pounder! She seems so big and heavy to me, but in reality she is the size of an average two month old! She now is some what eating cereal, it does not agree with her very well but the dr told us that we have to fatten her up! She is also a tummy sleeper, once she figured out how to roll over, she has been sleeping on her tummy. Funny little girl. We had to move her from her bassinet to her crib for she was getting to stress with trying to roll over and not having the space to do it in! She loves rolling from her back to her tummy and back again, she also loves to try and scoot her self around on her back! I love you Casaya! Thank you for bringing so much stress and so much joy in our lifes! We can not see our family with out you in it now! We love you! Love Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey I have 4 new blogs! Go and check them out! I am sorry to give them to you all at once. But life seems to happen that way a lot. You wont do any thing for a while, then all of a sudden you get hit with then different things at once! So here is what we have been up to lately.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does my little girl have to grow up so fast?

We went to the Dr today for Casayas four month check up and for Ashleys 3 year check up. Ashley now weighs 35 pounds which puts her into the 77th percentile for weight. She is also 38 inches high which puts her into the 57th percentile for height.

Casaya now weighs 11 pounds 4 oz which puts her in the 1st percentile for weight. She is 24 inches long which puts her at the 4th percentile for height. Then I dont know how many inches her head is but her head size is in the 44th percentile. So the dr said she is very little with a big head! He also said we needed to "fatten her up" So he told us to put her on rice cereal. Normally babes are not supposed to have it until they are at least six months old. But she is now five months old, but if we go by her adjusted age she is only 3 1/2 months old. Which is to young for cereal but he wants her to get big and chubby. So we gave her some rice cereal today when we got home. She did a lot better with it then her sister did. When we first introduced cereal to Ashley she screamed her head off. But Casaya just kind of sat there and could not figure out what in the world she was supposed to do with the stuff. She did pretty good at eating it, granted most of it still came out all over her, but at least she did not scream!

Bear lake for Memorial day

We went to Bear Lake for Memorial Day weekend. We had fun, we were sad that it was to rainy and cold to go to the beach. But we still had a blast. Here is a few things that we did this weekend. And thank you Grandma and Grandpa for giving us a place were we could all come to spend time as a family! I know these are memories that my family and I will all ways be able to cherish!

"My favorite scene is standing on my front porch looking in" I know those are some lyrics to a country song, they may not be the exact words but they describe this pic. Kayia, Ashley and Dan all sitting on little chairs looking out on the back yard. I saw that and I had to take a pic. For the words are very true, the best things in the world are not what happens out side, but what happens in side the house as a family.

Casaya and her buddy Amiah!

Casaya and her Great Grandma and Granpa Orth.

Ashley and her Great Grandma Orth watching the tree being planted.

We planted a tree up at our cabin in memory of my uncle Jere, who passed away a few weeks ago. We are hoping that we can look at this tree and remember who he was, and how much we loved him.

Ashley having fun with the cousins while jumping on the tramp, or as Ashley calls it "the Jumpoline"

Casaya just chillin at the cabin, I love her great big eyes!

While we were at bear lake for Memorial day my grandpa had a new garage put in, i feel bad for I did not get a picture of the completed garage. But at least you can part way see what it is going to look like

Peanuts birthday party

Peanut turned one on May 27th! We love our dog! She may be very stuborn but we still lover her. I wanted to try and be creative so I tried it make her a cake in the shape of a bone. Did not turn out very well but hey at least I tried. And the last pic is of Ash reading to Casaya! So cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEANUT!

My ramblings

This is a blog about a lot of stuff on my mind. You do not have to read it if you don't want to. I just need a place to compile my thoughts. I am not looking to start any fights or arguments. This is just simply how I see things and how I feel about things. So like I said you don't have to read it if you don't want to!

I just got back from Bear Lake which I had fun at it was great to get out of the house, and to have people help watch my kids so I could rest and take it easy for a few days. But while I was up there I started to do a lot of thinking (like I said this is just how I feel about some things and what I observe)

-Why am I so diffrent from my family? They have a lot of things that I wish I could have, ex:
-They all for the most part seem to be geniuses. While I do not have the brains at all to do any type of schooling. I feel dumb for there are occasions where I have to help my neighbor kids with there home work, and a majority of the time I have no idea what is going on, how to do there math, the correct punctuation for there English. I wish I had the brains to go back to school to try and earn a degree in something that I really want to do. But I went once and I felt so dumb, while I was in that class, I quit and never went back. For I seriously felt like I had to go into special ed just to even try to understand it. And I really hated feeling like that.
-How come they all are so skinny and can eat any thing, and not gain an ounce. While I look at food and I gain ten pounds. I would love to be able to go on hikes with them again, and not feel like a big fat person who needs help along the way. That was so embarrassing when I went a few years ago, and my cousins and I went on a hike, and I was trying my hardest to keep up but I eventually had to sit down for I was ready to pass out. I felt so bad for some of my cousins had to wait for me while the rest of them took off. I want to be able to go on hikes, or to go geo-cashing. I want to be able to do every thing that they do. But because of who I am, and the size that I am it prevents me from being able to do what I want to do. So you are probably saying well why don't you excersize you fat girl. I have and I still do. I go for walks every day. And when it is to cold or to hot out side I go up and down my stairs (If you have ever been to my house, you know I have a HUGE set of stairs)
- A lot of my cousins seem to be a lot more in to the church then I am. Which I wish was not true but it is. They will wear there church clothes the whole day on Sunday, I used to do that but then I realized just how much I hate skirts and dresses, so that is out. While we are at our cabin, they will stay for all of church and not skip out like the rest of us after Sacrament. They don't watch cert-en shows on Sunday for they don't watch movies on Sunday that don't have any thing to do with the church. I noticed when we would say family prayers at night, many of my family members would kneel down to pray. Which I would love to start doing with my family. Right now we don't include Ash in our night time prayers. We just throw her into bed and get our self's ready for bed. Then Jeremy and I will say our night time prayers together. Which is a good start, but it is still not all as a family. And I sometimes wonder if we are screwing Ashley up by not including her.
- We don't have family home evening which is another thing that I want to do with my family, and we have not really done yet for Jeremy works so many hours, that when he does have a day off we are usually running errands and catching up on things, that we rarely have time to sit down and have FHE. Once again are we screwing Ashley up to much
- (once again my observation) Every time I am around my grandma I seem to say or do something wrong. I have no idea why, but I sometimes feel like I am being judged extra hard by her, like I could never live up to her standards. Which I probably cant, but all I can do is be me. I love her a lot and would never do any thing to make her mad at me on purpose, but it seems like I always do on accident.
- My family seems to be very, oh how do you describe it, fix it wise. Which I am not. I so times wonder if they ever sat down and taught me would I be able to help build a garage or shelf, would I be able to help fix a roof. I am sure I would be able to if some one taught me. But as of right now all I can do is sit back and go wow they are smart for they know how to do that!
- Another way that I am not like my family, is I believe in being true to who I am. I used to try to pretend that I am a Molly Mormon, I was smart and a hole bunch of other things. But then I realized that I was not being true to who I am. Granted I did jump off the scale for I have more then one hole in each ear, before I went to the temple I would wear sleeveless shirts and tank tops. When I was younger I used to swear,(which I am very glad I broke that habit) I do believe in the church but there are somethings that I will do on Sundays like wear my pants and watch movies.But that does not make me a bad person. Neither does having my ears pierced three times in each ear. I also drink coca cola but that does not make me a bad person either. It just makes me different. And as much as I want to be like my family, I also want to stick out in some ways. I like being true to me, and that's all I can do and if I happen to make some people mad at me along the way for it so be it. But I am me and nothing can change that.
- I need to learn how to become a better wife. My poor husband ended up getting stuck with a wife who does not know how to clean and does not know how to cook. I try my best, but our house always seems to be messy. I can partway do laundry, but I will either get it into the washer then forget to put it in the dryer, and if by some miracle it does make it into the dryer it usually does not make it out of the dryer. I can never seem to get all the kids clothes put away. I have the hardest time trying to stay organized. In my brain it seems easy, you just have to put every thing in its spot but then for some reason I have the hardest time actually doing that. I never have learned how to do the spot cleaning or vacuuming. When I was growing up there was no need to clean for I had a dad who would do all the cleaning in the house, so I never learned and I grew up not realizing how important it is. I have a sister in law, whose house is so clean, I don't think you could find one speck of dust in her place or one thing out of place. She has four young kids. I have no idea how she does it I know she is always cleaning. And I wish I could do that but I do something once and I expect it to stay clean, but then it seems to get messed up so fast that I just get so mad at it I refuse to do it again for a while. I know that is stupid and childish, but I cant seem to get out of the frame of mind. Like I will sweep the floor, then the next day I see it needs to be swept again, and it drives me nuts for I feel like I just swept it it should be clean still! As far as the cooking I know how to make three or four things, but they are kind of expensive to make, so we don't get them very often. And I am not very good at putting odds and ends together to make a full and healthy meal. So unfortunately a lot of the time we have Ramon, sandwiches, cacadillas, simple easy food like that. I wish I was a better cook, but that was something I never learned how to do as well.
-I some times feel like I really don't have a group to fit in with in my family. I don't know why, it may be because I am so different, or we just don't have very much in common. But I would like to thank my uncles and aunts who let me tag along this weekend while they went and got some ice cream. I know I was the third wheel, but it made me feel like I was some one. SO thank you for letting me tag along David, Ada, Sheri and Michael!

So out of all of that I know I kind of complained a lot about my self, but I was trying to include some good points in there. I cant complain to much about my life for I have the best job in the world a job that I have wanted my whole life, to be a stay at home wife and mother. There are just parts of my life where I need to work at them to better my self. I think we all need that don't we? I truly do love my life, so thank you Jeremy for letting me be me, and having the patience to deal with me while I try to better my self! I LOVE YOU HONEY!

I will be posting the few pics I took at Bear Lake as soon as I can find my camera!