Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ashley swimming at the Murray swimming pool
Casaya swimming at the Murray swimming pool. At first she was not sure about it because of the noise. It took her a good hour or two to warm up to being at the pool, then once she did warm up to it we could not get her out of the water!
My mom bought the girls matching swimming suites! They look so cute in them!!!! Thank you Mommy!!!!
I love this pic of Ashley, she loves her sister and you can tell that in this pic!


Ashley out looking for the eggs.
Casaya is waiting for her turn to go and gather the eggs!
Ashley still looking for the eggs.
Casaya helping to fill the eggs.
While the kids were looking for eggs, the men were cutting down this old tree. My uncle Craig and my husband thought it would be funny to try and use a 100+ year old saw to try and cut it down, did not work very well. So they stuck with the chain saw.
I have a lot more pics of Easter but they are still on the camera so when I get the chance I will post the pics!

I know its late but


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ashley at her first TEA PARTY!

Thia is Ashley and Avery at Avery's Birthday party! She had a Tea Party theme! The party was a blast and Ashley loved every minute of it!
Snow White showed up to the tea party!

Ashley all ready for the party!