Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Stress any one? I have more then enough to go around Here is the latest on our house. They are putting in our carpet as we speak. The bad news, OUR COUNTER TOPS STILL ARE NOT IN!!! Which means our final walk through is being pushed back!! yet again. I just hope that Our closing date is not being pushed back again. we are supposed to be closing on Tuesday. And if our stupid dang counter tops don't go in we could be pushing our closing date back and then we wont be able to move in until July, and there would be a chance we loose out on the $6000 from the state.I know I am probably over reacting but this will be the second time that every thing gets pushed back! I just want my house and my puppy! I don't want all this stress. I tell you its because of this stress I cant get better. I have an ear infection, and I can not hear any thing out of my right ear, I wake up nauseous every morning, I think I am just starting to wear out. Our realtor is the best she is trying her hardest to keep us in formed and to help us not be stressed. Yet we cant help but be stressed!!! Please we need your prayers that we can close on the house, on Tuesday and that our cabinets will go in this weekend. I don't know if I could handle it being pushed back again. PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!


Anonymous said...

sorry to break it ot you, but unless you already have been approved for that grant, the money is gone!

Jess said...

I hope everything has worked out for you!