Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Activities!

Here are some pics of every thing we have been doing for this Halloween!

Ashley looking cute

Ashley playing with my witch hat

Ashley and I trick or treating

Ashley sitting on her pumpkin

Ashley trying to pick up her pumpkin

Ashley tried to pick it up for about five min. before she finaly gave up

Ashley enjoying her hay ride

We went on a hay ride with one of my best friends and her little boy

Ashley and I on the hay ride

Ashley and I on Cinderellas pumpkin

Ashley loved to pump the water! She had a blast!

Ashley getting ready to go down the slide

Ashley playing on a little bouncer

Elmo pumpkin, and no we did not carve any of these pumpkins.

winnie the pooh

Utah jazz

Gordon B Hinkley


Jeremy swinging at the pinata

Ashley and Jeremy with the pinata

Ashley enjoying her Halloween candy

When it was all done and over with she was worn out!!!

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