Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Fun!

Here are a few things we have been doing so far this month.

To start off with here is a good pic of Peanut since we have not up dated her pic in a while.

Ashley just being Ashley. She LOVES cameras!

We took Ashley to the dentist for the first time two weeks ago. The dentist was so good with Ashley we got her in the chair took the pic then she got a little scared when the chair started to move. So then I held her on my lap and he counted her "princess teeth" The dentist said that her teeth were really good and well spaced. She has ten teeth on top and ten teeth on the bottom. Ashley love the dentist after that and wants to go back soon! which is a good thing. Jeremy and I did not have a great appointment. We found out that we both have to have crowns. Which is not good! Especially when you are poor!

Last night we carved our pumpkins. Well Jeremy and I carved our pumpkins and Ashley colored hers! So I wont explain the next few photos. But just remember we had a blast!

Jeremy is allergic to the insides of the pumpkin so I had to "de-gut" both of our pumpkins.
This pic was taken right after Jeremy finished carving his pumpkin, he went to show it to Ashley thinking she would love it for she loves Halloween. Right when she saw his face she flipped out! She threw her pumpkin and started bawling. We we had to take a pic of her sad face!
Jeremy and his "scary pumpkin"
Ashley showing off her final master piece.
My pumpkin.
Ash and Jer with all four of our pumpkins. For Casayas pumpkin we just wrote on it "Baby Casaya"
Jeremys pumpkin all lit up.
And finally my pumpkin all lit up.
Jeremy and I went back to the dentist today to get part of our teeth deep cleaned. Well while we were doing that, they discovered that he has to have a root canal ASAP. So he is scheduled to get one next Wednesday. Jeremy is terrified of the dentist, so I might have to go and hold his hand the whole time which will be fine with me. I love to be there to support him in any way I can,even if it is just to hold his foot.

I got a call from my neighbor yesterday saying that she has a friend moving to Eagle Mountain and needs a baby sitter for a one year old and a seven year old. Wanted to know if it was ok that she gave her my phone number. Of course its ok! I need the money, and I would love to start watching children again!

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