Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally have time!

Well I finally have time to sit down and blog! Man it has been busy! Most of the pics will tell the story but here is Just a brief update so you will know whats going on. Jeremys brother Josh came into town for about two weeks. So these are pics from that. A lot of the photos that I took I cant put up for his familys wishes, some junk about their safty or something like that, me personaly I think it will be fine if you dont put their names or where they live I think its fine but you have to respect the familys wishes.

These first pics were taken at Gardner Village. The girls went there while the boys went to the BUY usu game.

This is a pic of Ashley just chillen on the grass.

Jeremy and his brother having a jumping contest.

While Jeremy his brother and his dad went golfing, Diana and I went to look at all of the profits graves.

Here are a copy of the graves that we saw. It is amazing for some of the prophets have huge monuments and some are just tiny.

George A Smith
Salt lake temple

Brigham Young, his was intersting for there was not really a head stone just a gate around where he is buried and this was on the gate

Willford Woodrough
Josph Fielding Smith

Joseph F Smith

Heber J Grant

Josn Taylor

J Golden Kimball

Spencer W Kimball
Bruce R McConkie
Neal A Maxwell

Gordan B Hinkley, one of my favorite prophets. On his head stone some one left a CTR ring. I Thought that was pretty cool.
David O Mckay
Harold B Lee

Howerd W Hunter

On the night before Jeremys brother left we went bowling which was Ashleys first time. I am very sad to say Ashley beet me both times by 30 each time! How sad is that and she bowled by her self!Ashley pushing the ball down the ramp

Whats you doing over there dad?Ashley and mommy chilling at the bowling ally

Ashley and daddy bowlingAshley and mommy bowling

The day that jeremys brother flew out we went to Ihop to eat so here are some pics!

Jeremys dadAshley waiting pationtly for her food
Ashley and mommy hanging out at the air port

Ashley learned how to open the tray all by her self!
Jeremy and his brother saying goodbye

We are saying goodbye!
This sign says it all!
This is just his dad!

We were hanging out with Matt and Suzi tonight and we decided to go to WalMart. While we were there we go our pumkins! We cant wait until we get to carve them tomorrow!
Ashley and Daddy with Ashleys pumpkin
This pic was so cute I just had to put it in! As Ashley puts it this is her "pump-in"

I promise I will try and do better at bloging instead of having LONG blogs for you to read!

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