Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag... Again, I really like this one

Here goes...These are a few of my favorite things...

3 favorite last purchases
~A Halloween sign that says "dont make me get the flying monkeys"
~My nails
~Jeremys anniversary present

Favorite movies
~The Notebook
~Bring it on
~An officer and a gentelmen

3 things I haven't done yet
~Gone to Spain
~Visited Alaska or Hawaii
~Gone to Vegas with Jeremy

Things I can't live without(Not listing people)
~The internet
~my nails
~My camera

Favorite dishes
~Fetticcine Alfredo with chicken
~Roast and Mashed patatos
~Funeral potatoes

Favorite tv shows
~the secret life of an american teenager
~American Idol

Last places I've traveled(Using the word "travel" loosly)
~Idaho Falls
~Bear Lake

Favorite Treats
~Sour watermelon gummys

Things I'd buy if money weren't an issue
~A van and a truck
~I would go and travel the world

3 People I tag
~ Well since I already tagged pretty much everyone I know last time...I don't really have anyone to tag :)

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