Friday, September 7, 2012

We are still alive!

We are still here! Our computer got a bad virus, and so we have not been able to use the computer :( So until we can aford to fix the computer here is a small glimpse of our lifes for the past 5 months:

His project closed at ACS (xerox). So he had to switch projects. He is now working for the project CVS Pharmacy. He is in training right now. He is very lost at what is going on, and he is hoping to catch on soon. He had to take a pay cut for this position but we are trying to make the most of what we can. After training he has more training for Workforce, after that hopefuly things will settle down!

She is getting used to waking up early. She is still not used to it, but doing the best she can. Bonnie has to have IV's twice a day every day. (to find out why keep reading). Not a whole lot going on with Bonnie. She is still loving being a stay at home mom and is very grateful that she gets the opportunity to be home with the kiddos!

Ashley started school last week!!! Its hard to believe that we have a school aged kid on our hands! She has all ready made 3 friends in school: Jade, Jadea, and Jasmine. She has a very nice teacher named Ms. Nemelka. She still wont open up to us very much about school. We will ask her every day what she has learned during school, so just tells us "oh you know stuff" then we will ask her what she had for lunch every day it is the same Chocolate milk. But she wont tell us what she ate. But she is loving school and is always happy to go back! She has a problem waking up to her alarm! Her prob is not that she sleeps through it, her problem is that she wakes up 30-60 minutes BEFORE it goes off! Funny girl! She comes home every day from school just exhausted! So she comes home and takes an hour or two nap every day!

She is lost during the day with out her sister! she keeps walking around the house going "where Ashy go? or Ashy at school?" She is FINALLY starting to talk!!! which is something we thought she would never do. She was in an Early Intervention program to get her caught up with every thing. And now she is doing so well that they are thinking of taking her out of the program! Which is good, but I worry, for yah she is starting to talk but she is still very immature for her age! She loves books and playing with her moms hair! She could do both for hours on end!

Savana is due January 15th!!! We can not wait for the arrival of our third little girl!!! (I guess we just dont know how to make boys!)She is loving kicking her mom, and pretending like there is a whole circus in there! She is making her very sick (just like both of her sisters did!) Her mom has to have IV's twice a day with the medican Zofran in it just to be able to eat or drink any thing! Her mom is hoping that she will come two and a half weeks early for two reasons 1- tax break 2- Her dad and sisters birthdays are all in December so she might as well be too!!! Her dad wants her to be born in January just so we have a kids with a diffrent month birthday!

The Family:
WE MOVED!!! We were able to buy a really cute house in West Valley back in June. We love the new house (4 bed 1 bath 1 half bath 1 kitchen 1 living room 1 man-cave) We were very sad to leave are Eagle Mountain home (and still think of it often). But we knew that Jeremy was going to have to take a pay cut, and with how expensive gas is we could not afford the house any longer. But we are hoping one day when we retire, that we can move back out there! But we are loving the West Valley house. We live on a very quite street, so quite, that we never see any one coming or going or out in their yards! Our ward is an older ward, we believe that the average age in our ward is 80-90 years old! Our primary is pretty small there are 6 kids in Ashley's class, but her class is combined with two other classes,( so it is the 4,5,6 year old class) Our old ward it we had (if I remember correctly) over 250 kids in our primary. And there were three classes just for Ashley's age group! But we had a young couple move in after we did. It turns out that we went to the singles ward together! Small world I know! (For those of you that went to the singles ward with me, it is Brian Jones) Our dogs are loving the big back yard! They love to run and chase and actually have room to do it now! But the dogs do not like the noisy big dog that lives right behind us!

So that is the update with our family!

I promise as soon as we get our computer fixed we will up load all of our pictures of what we have been doing! And I promise to TRY and log on about once a month to let you know what we are up to until then!

Take care every one and we miss you!

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