Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy Week and Jeremys Birthday

Hey man it has been a busy week!!! So I am going to tell whats been going on through pics

I came out to my living room a few days ago and Ashley had found my old glasses and put them on all by her self, She was so cute I had to take a pic!

Ashley's favorite game is peek a boo right now! She will play it for hours if you would play with her!
We were getting ready to go to Idaho for our nieces baptism and I was trying to pack and more to my self then to Ashley I asked" what else do I need to pack?" With out hesitation Ashley piped up and said"me!" then climbed in her suitcase.
While we were in Idaho we had the opportunity to go to my nephews birthday party, Well Ashley loves slides, I am so glad I got this pic she is so cute!

For Jeremys Birthday I took him to Fazzolis and had a surprise party for him. His parents, my parents and Suzi came to help celebrate his 32nd birthday. Then we went to temple square just me and him for he really really wanted to see the lights. So I thought that would be a nice present for him, Man it was cold, but we got so many pretty pics that it was worth it! Here are just a few of our pics we took:

Now we have to go and get ready for Ashley's birthday party on Saturday, You all are invited, The party is at two o clock at our house. She will be the big 2. Its a hard month having Two birthdays and Christmas in the same month!

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