Friday, December 12, 2008


my christmas wish is.... to catch the punk who broke in to our car last night and stole our cds, jeremys work outfit, his coat and gloves, Bonnies Ipod accessories, their change.... So on and so forth
Luckly I did not have my ipod in there or my purse which i sometimes leave in there. I am so lucky that last night when I got in the house I relized I left my brandnew cell phone out in the car so I went out to get it and lock up the car for the night. Well this morning at fivethirty in the morning I was woken up by my husband. He was frantic(do you blame him) all he could say is that "we got robbed" So I quickly got dressed and went out side to see what was taken, Then we called the cops and told them what happened, a cop came out and looked at the car and took a few notes on what happened.
So now today I have to go through all of our cd cases and make an invitory of which cds were stolen, and then we have to go all around town to the pawn shops to see if any body has turned them in. I dont really care about the cds as much as I do about the coat and gloves, thouse things are expensive and Jeremy has to have them when he works at walmart at night. So now we have to get the money for a new coat and gloves. And then hopefuly we can either find our cds, or eventuly we can start collecting the ones that were stolen.
Stress!!!!! Why did this have to happen to us right before we were supposed to leave town tonight, Jeremys birthday, Ashleys birthday, and christmas! Why o Why?!?!?!?!
I have been so sick to my stomick this morning for the fact that every thing was stolen, I KNOW i locked the car last night but I still feel like this is my fault and I have been so sick over it that i started throwing up. I kno I should not feel that this is my fault, but I cant help but feel like that. So I have a lot on my plate today, I have to pack togo to idaho, for my nieces babtisum, I have to make a list of all the cds that were stolen, Then I have to go around to all of the pawn shops and see if any body turned them in, I have to go to jeremy work get the car, gas it up, go pack up the car, Go get dinner, pic up Jeremy and then we will be on our way up to Idaho. So much stress dont know quite how to handel it!

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Kimberly and Jonathan Bradbury said...

Sweety I'm so sorry! People can be so sick! I will pray you find your stuff. *loves*