Monday, December 22, 2008

She bloomed and grew, now shes TWO!!

Man it has been busy! My little girl is growing up so fast!!! I can not believe that she is now two!!!
To start off the day I took her to Kiddie Kandets to get her birthday picture taken. It is a traditon that I want to do every year. Take her on her birthday so we can she how she grows and changes every year! So these are some of the pics that we got from there!

I love this one! We got it in an 8X10

There were so many cute ones! I wish we could have bought them all, We then had a birthday party for Ashley and these are a few of the pics from that!

Ashley LOVED opening the presents she would tear the paper off as fast as she could!

This is a doll that she got from Jeremys coworker Norma, She LOVES Ashley
Ashley giving the baby kissesAshley giving the baby loves

Ashley loves her new baby

Ashley is a HUGE fan of Elmo, even though she has never seen Sesame Street! So Grandma Diane gave her Elmos farm
Ashley so happy that she got elmo for her birthday!

This is Ashleys cake, of course it is a Elmo cake!

Us singing Happy Birthday to Ashley, and Ashley staring at the "Birthday Fire"
Ashley Blowing out her candels!
Ashley by her cake
First bite of her cake

After a while we just let Ashley play in her cake, after all it was HER birthday So I guess cake is the new deodorant!Ashley playing peek a boo

Peek a boo I see you! That reminds me of a joke: As you know peek a boo streek is a nurse, she used to work for the ICU, but got removed off the floor, for every time she would answer the phone she would go "Peek a Boo ICU!" I thought it was funny!

Ashley showing her dirty fingersAshley just being Ashley
Cake Coma?

Almost got the plate of cake on her head!

We also had our Smith progressive dinner the next day, these are the pics of the girls that I got:

Ashley in the outfit that grandma Diane got for her for christmas!

Kambri in her same out fit! How cute!

Ashley and Kambri best friends forever! BFF
Kambri, Ashley and Ella all in there matching outfits! Grandma Diane LOVES having these three girls so close in age! She gets them matching out fits every year! She loves it! And we love her for doing it!This pic was so cute! Ella did not want to be on the couch, she wanted to be in her moms arms and so Ashley was trying to comfort her. So cute!

So yay that is it for our family birthdays until March! Then it will be my birthday! So the next big adventure is christmas! you know I will post pics of that!

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Abete Batini and Tara Contreras (until Jan) said...

What a beauty she is! How fun to watch her grow. You are a great mom! Love Tara