Monday, December 29, 2008

Aunt JoAnn

Jeremys Aunt JoAnn came over this week. She lives in Washington. So these are a few pics that we took when she was in town.

Ashley looking adorable

Daddy and his sister aunt JoAnn, and Aunt joAnns dog Siena
Group Hug Ashley dont squish the doggie
Jeremy and his Aunt. Sienna is about two pounds!
Group pic
Ashley and her Grandparents
Ashleys chore chart. I dont know the correct age to start chores, but I think Ashley should start ASAP, I dont want her to be like me, I want her to grow up knowing how to clean and work hard I dont want her to be married and then try to learn how to like what I am doing now. So these are her chores. She gets paid 5 cents per chore and if she does all of them she will earn 25 cents a day, then from that I want to teach her about tithing, saving and spending. Then whenever she wants a toy it will come out of her money.

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