Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cousins Christmas party

Cousins christmas party!
This year we had our party a little after christmas. It was fun we had pizza and spinich dip and then we sat around the house and talked and played games. Here is some of the pics from our party sorry they are not the best lookin pics

One of the games that we played was Cranium. That was a fun game. and it was neat to see who knew what.

My cousin Kaylynn her husband Rulon and their little girl Kayia
My cousin Aaron and his new girlfriend Stephanie
Jeremy and I
My cousin Heidi and her husband Tim, Heidi is expecting their first little boy in March, Congrats Heidi!
My brother Trevor playing the game
My cousins Emily JanMarie Jared(holding Kaiya) and Heidi
Trevor Tyler Rulon Gage and Stephanie

We had a lot of fun. Thank you Trevor for letting us use your house!

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