Monday, January 26, 2009

Temple, Car, and Ankel

Hey out there. Here is whats been going on with us for the past week. On Wed we were able to go to the temple to get my moms temple work done. Or at least part of it. Then on sat we were able to go back to the temple to finish her work. On the way home we were driving to pickup Ashley and as we were driving our Car engine just stopped. So we pulled over to the side of the road to try and see what the matter was. Well after a while we still could not figure it out. So we called Jeremy's dad to see if he could see what was wrong. In the mean time i missed my friends welcome home party. He came out and could not find any thing wrong with it so we called a tow truck to come and have our car towed, Well while we were waiting I had to get my phone out of the car, So I stepped off the curb and right where I stepped the was a pot hole I was also hills, and then down I went. I ended up scraping up my left knee and tearing up some ligaments in my right ankle. So Jeremy's dad takes us back to his house so that we could pick up Ashley. I went to go and get out of the car and I almost buckled over in pain, I could not put any weight what so ever on it. So Jeremy and his Dad help me to the stairs. Then I had to crawl up the stairs and over to the couch(man that was embarrassing!) Well we got ice one my ankle and then waited for a while we were supposed to go to dinner with our friends Matt and Suzi. Well needless to say that was not going t0 happen now. So they went and got Burger King and brought it over to us. Which was really nice of them to do for us. Then it was like 10 and we had to get going so we could put Ashley into bed. So I had my mother in law dig out my father in laws old walker so that I could try and walk out on my own. Got out to a car that his parents loaned us until we could get ours fixed. We went and dropped Ashley off with my mom so that she could put her to bed. So then we went to the Er to have my ankle looked at. That's when we found out about the torn ligaments. We got out of the er around one, had to go and pick up my pain pills from Rite aid, got home around two, and realized that Ashley was not in bed, So we went up and got her, Tried to put her in bed and she refused to go to bed until about two thirty, then we had to get a sandwich to eat so i could take my pills and got to sleep around 3oo in the Morning. On Sunday morning we were supposed to be going down to Provo for my cousins fairwell. Well between the late night, my pain, and me being on crutches, we were not able to make it. I felt so bad I wanted to go. So we just relaxed all day and took it easy. Some time on Sunday (not sure when) Jeremy pulled his calf muscle in his left leg, So now we are both broken. Hopefully we will get better soon. The car place called today to tell us how much it would be to fix it almost $800! That does not seem like a lot but when you live paycheck to paycheck it is a ton of money. So long story short, a lot has happened and we are broke!

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Kimberly and Jonathan Bradbury said...

Aww Bonnie I'm sorry to hear about your ankle! That stinks! And the whole car thing sucks too. It just hasn't been your week has it? At least you got to go to the temple! How cool is that. I bet your mom is so happy to have you working on that for her.