Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years!

We got invited to the Salt lake city New years eve party. It was quite fun. Thanks Carrie. She texted me about 7 and said that had two extra tickets and wanted to know if we wanted them. Of course we excepted. So we road up on the trax train. And headed up to Temple square. We were able to see the Polynesian dancers. And they told alot about their culture. Like did you know that in their culture there is no words for uncle aunt and neighbor. They are all known as Mom and Dad. I thought that was kind of cool. and then we got to watch a little of the John Schmit concert. that was really fun. he can be really entertaining while he plays. Then we headed out to Galavin plaza to watch the fire works and to count down to the new year. We had such a blast!!!

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