Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Zoo

Here are some photos that we took when we went to the zoo on Friday, I got invited to go to the zoo with my friend, then Jeremy decided to go and then his friends also decided to go so we had one big party! We had a blast and Ashley loved the elephants!

Daddy why are you kissing a gorilla?
I love this pic of how Ashley and Jeremy are looking at each other! emoticon
She saw her daddy doing this so she wanted to do this! emoticon

I love this photo of the Eagle! emoticon We watched the bird show and this was the closing act
a zoo worker feeding a pangin by hand

Ashley and Mama at the zoo
Chris Dand Jeremy and Ashley having fun at the zoo! emoticon

My favorite animal! emoticon
This one turned out pretty good, cute little monkey! emoticon

PLease don’t eat me mr. Rino
This was a peacock that walked right in front of us
Ashleys favorite and elephant! emoticon
this guy was so cute he was eating jello! emoticon I guess he would have to since he lives in utah! emoticon

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